Two days into the new year, are you already blowing off your resolutions?

Have you made them at all?

Well, there is a way to stay on track.

ABC-7 met up with life coach Tish Times.

Times shared a few pointers to help keep those new year commitments.

The fireworks are finished...

and the clock keeps ticking.

Now we're returning to the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

But what about those New Year's resolutions?

Tish Times, a life coach for Hire Times Career and Coaching group says yes.

"I think it's really important for us to have goals," said Times.

Times said there's a few points to follow if you want to meet those goals you've set for yourself this year.

First, you need a purpose behind the resolution.

"Find out a real reason why, because if it's just to fit into a dress, then once you fit into that dress your going right back to your old habits. and so figuring out the why is the most important thing," said Times.

Another factor, track your attempt to hit your goal.

"You have to figure out how am I going to measure when I've attained that goal whatever it might be," said Times.

And one of the most important rules, find support.

"Having someone that you can pick up the phone and say hey I'm really blowing it, I need you to talk me off the edge or whatever the case might be, it's very helpful to have some one to hold you accountable to be there for you," said Times.

Times says accomplishing goals and maintaining them can be rewarding and even lead to happy and fulfilling life.

Times says it's also good to reward yourself for accomplishments  as long it doesn't conflict with goal.

And finally, she says you need to make your resolutions public.

Tell someone.

Post it online.

Because if you don't tell anyone it's really easy to break a promise you've made to yourself.