Time Warner Cable makes changes to 15 channels

Time Warner Cable makes changes to 15 channels

EL PASO, Texas - Over the past week, some Time Warner Cable customers may have noticed a few channels have gone missing.

Replacing those channels: Two static screens with text that explain the channel numbers have changed, and a new digital adapter may be necessary to retrieve them.

ABC-7 spoke with Sergio Enriquez, a spokesman for Time Warner Cable, who said the shift was made in hopes of "moving towards a higher quality, digital-only experience."

He also said it won't affect all Time Warner customers, only those with older televisions or non-compatible newer televisions. Anyone with a digital set-top box also will not be affected.

In total, 15 channels were affected by either shifting from analog to digital, or changing channel number.

Those channels include: 
Fox Deportes
National Geographic
Spike TV

If you've noticed the two screens in place of one of these channels, there are solutions.

First, re-scan your television for channels. Enriquez said some stations have been relocated to a new channel, and can be picked up by certain televisions.

If that does not work, and a customer wants the missing channels back, then an adapter must be obtained.

The adapter can be picked up at a Time Warner Cable Center, or ordered online.

To order online, visit The shipping is free to customer's homes.

Enriquez said the adapters are free of charge through Nov. 30.

Beginning Dec. 1, the cable provider will charge users 99 cents a month.

Enriquez said there is no limit on the number of adapters that can be obtained.

If you opt to pick up the adapter at an El Paso center, there should be an ample supply, according to Enriquez. He said no shortages have occurred, or are expected to occur.

For additional questions, call Time Warner Cable at 1-855-286-1736.

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