The UTEP Transformation: Campus to be closed to private vehicles

Starting Monday private vehicles are not allowed on the core campus

UTEP campus will soon be closed to through traffic

EL PASO, Texas - The University of Texas at El Paso is preparing for it's transformation on Monday.

According to the UTEP 2011 Master Plan, the university wants to grow its population by 8,000 students and become a Tier 1 school.

Currently the campus has 3.5 million square feet of buildings, but they want to add about a million more. To do this they are going to close the core campus to private vehicles. They have already added about 1,000 parking spaces outside of campus. UTEP officials say this will reduce parking on campus and make room for more buildings.

Students said they have mixed feelings about the changes. They currently aren't allowed to park on campus, many use the road ways as a short cut between or after classes, but they are looking forward to the aesthetics of the transformation.

There will be emphasis on shaded areas, open spaces, pedestrian and bike paths. New buildings will keep with the Bhutanese influence. The desert heritage and natural features of the campus will also be protected and enhanced, according to the master plan. 

Visitors will be expected to park off-campus for events and there are designated student dropoff zones.

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