The connection between 'Breaking Bad' finale and Marty Robbins' 'El Paso'

EL PASO, Texas - Marty Robbins' classic "El Paso" had two prominent placements during the series finale of "Breaking Bad" on Sunday night.

Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead. Stop reading if you haven't seen the series finale.

Marty Robbins face and name can be seen in Walter White's car as he is about to drive at the beginning of the finale. (Editor's note: Some online are saying it was a ticket stub to a Robbins' concert but it looked more like a cassette tape case).

As the car starts, "El Paso" starts playing, with the lyrics about a bullet finding the protaganist seeming particularly profund.

Much later in the episode, White is humming the song and singing some of the lyrics as he prepares a gun.

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