Video shows bounty hunters approach suspect before shootout at TX car dealership

Shootout at Texas car dealership

DALLAS (AP) - Cell phone video taken inside a Texas car dealership shows two bounty hunters approaching a fugitive from Minnesota with their guns drawn before the three shot each other dead in a hail of bullets.

The 26-second video handed out by Greenville police shows the two bounty hunters moving through the car showroom of the Nissan dealership in Greenville on Tuesday and then into a glass office.

As they move in on 49-year-old Ramon Michael Hutchinson, a gun tumbles from his hands before he picks it up. Multiple shots can then be heard.

About 20 shots were fired in six seconds, according to police. All three died in the shootout.

In a 911 call, a woman says she's hiding in a bathroom.

Hutchinson and the bounty hunters died at the scene. No one else was struck by the gunfire.

Greenville is located about 50 miles northeast of Dallas.