UTEP football takes on Arizona on national television, fans wish for bigger attendance

UTEP football takes on Arizona on...

"It's all about the Miners," one fan said. "It's always about the Miners, win or lose, we should always come out and support them."

The UTEP Miners football team is taking on the PAC 12's Arizona Wildcats Friday night at the Sunbowl Stadium.

"We are trying to start up a new support system for UTEP," a tailgating fan said. "I know in the past no on wanted to tailgate or go to the games, so we are trying to get everyone to go to the games."

The fans say they are frustrated with the lack of attendance. "It's unfortunate as a fan, you want to see a good game and you want to see them win, but they are getting killed out there," a student said."

Thirty minutes before kickoff the Sunbowl looked scarce, but when the players took the field there was a decent showing. Fans we spoke with say they hope this remains the trend for the rest of the season.