Senator to introduce bill to "fix broken background check system" in response to church shooting

Sutherland Springs, Texas - 
Texas Sen. John Cornyn said Sunday he'll introduce legislation to stop to "fix this broken background check system" after he attended the first Sunday service after the Texas church shooting. 
Police said the gunman, Davin Kelley, entered the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs last week and opened fire on parishioners. The shooter killed 26 people.
Cornyn attended a closed-door service and spoke to reporters during. His comments eventually turned to the gunman, Kelley, and the lapses that allowed him to buy several guns over the next few years, including some that were outlined in the New York Times yesterday morning regarding Kelley's time in the Air Force.
"He was a guy who seemed to never get his act together," said Cornyn.  "The one thing we know for sure is this individual should not have been able to legally purchase a firearm."  Cronyn added that he'll be introducing bipartisan legislation, perhaps as early as Monday, to stop people like the shooter from buying guns. 
"My hope is that we can expedite consideration of this, get it into law and to make sure that this sort of thing never happens again," said Cornyn.

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