El Paso Border Patrol agents helps secure medical overflow facility in Houston

Houston relief efforts begin

HOUSTON, Texas - El Paso border patrol units sent as rescue crews are now helping relief efforts in Houston.

As the waters recede in Houston and more people are rescued the need for medical care rises. The unit  has been assigned to a group of doctors and nurses at a medical overflow facility in Bush Intercontinental Airport to make sure the patients get the care they need.

"We were prepared fro the worst. We were prepared to literally jump in the waterways and pull people out of harms way," border patrol agent Richard Barragan said.

One week after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston things are changing fast

"We anticipated it being double, triple as bad," Barragan said.

Patients overflowing out of hospitals could be a big concern as relief efforts continue.

"The biggest thing that would cause us to have more patients is going to be a critical infrastructure failure within a facility itself. Say their physical plant goes down, I know they're already having problems in Beaumont because their water is contaminated, because of all the flooding," chief medical officer Dr. Angela Cornelius said.

Until those patients arrive, the agents keeps working with other federal teams making sure the patients are safe

"At this point I'm being told that they are calmer now, they are seeing approximately 12-24 patients," Barragan said.

This unit's mission changes from day to day as the situation varies in Houston after hurricane harvey and they plan on being her as long as they're needed.