Newly revamped Charcoaler burger joint to "open soonish"

Revamped Charcoaler opening soon

EL PASO, TEXAS - Charcoaler, the staple burger drive-thru, will be re-opening its door in the next couple of months, according to its new owners.

"We are in here doing the training and learning the tricks of the trade," co-owner Mario Southern said. "We are going to go back to the original recipes."

The founders of Wing Daddy's and Toro Burgers along with the grand-daughter of the former owner came together to invest in the re-opening of the El Paso staple.

"It's an El Paso tradition and we tell people if you are from El Paso, you probably have Charcoaler memories," Southern said. "We all have Charcoaler memories strong enough to buy the business and bring it back."

Borderland residents are thrilled with the resurrection of the burger joint. " I will be there once a month," one man said. 

UTEP student William Tevis said going to Charcoaler was a tradition for him and his mother. "You need local," he said. "I love my local restaurants and Charcoaler was part of that."

Tevis said he felt like he lost a tradition when the restaurant boarded up its windows. "It always felt like something was missing when we would come over." He now says he will be counting down the days until the drive-thru is open.

The new owners say they hope to serve the first burger before the holidays.


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