Texas truck driver may return to U.S. Friday

Dallas truck driver- Jabin Bogan, who spent a month inside a Mexican prison, may finally return to his family Friday.

ABC-7 border reporter Angela Kocherga spoke with sources who said Mexican immigration officers in Veracruz are sending Bogan to Juarez.

Once Bogan reaches Juarez, he may be released to U.S. officials.

Bogan was arrested earlier this year after, he said, he accidentally crossed into Juarez with a load of ammunition.

The truck driver was released from prison in early November, after a Mexican judge reduced his charges.

However, Bogan was taken into custody by immigration officials because he did not have a passport at the time of his arrest.

Carlos Spector, Bogan's attorney, will hold a press conference Friday at 2 p.m. 

ABC-7 will be at the conference. Check ABC-7 at 5 and online for updates.

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