Teen mom pushing baby in a stroller struck by car

Mom and Baby in Stroller Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver

El Paso, Texas - A one-month old baby boy is still in critical condition, and his teenage mother recovering after they were hit by a car overnight.

We don't know what the woman was doing pushing her son in the stroller -- but what we do know?

Police returned to a house they say is related to the hit-and-run, taking out boxes of evidence.

Video from the scene tells a shocking story. A baby's blanket lying on the street after the 1 month old boy was struck by a car.

The call came in a little after 3 saturday morning.

Police arrive to find 17 year old Jalissa Jones, she had been struck by a vehicle while walking her 1 month old baby.

Jones tells police her and the baby were struck by a car that left the scene.

She tells police she had been unconcious and when she came to she found her son lying next to her on the street.

Jones reportedly flagged down a passer by who drove her and her son home where emergency crews picked her up and transported her to University Medical Center in critical condition.

Saturday evening ABC-7 was able to get video of police searching a home, pulling out boxes of what could be evidence.

Officials have told us the search is related to the mornings hit and run but they haven't been able to tell us how.

Eye witnesses tell us police were investigating a car that was found wrecked near the home being investigated.

He tells us they were taking fingerprints.

Police have not confirmed that vehicle they were investigating was involved in Saturday mornings hit and run.

The one-month-old is still in critical contidion and his mother is now in stable condition.













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