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  • Hands on keyboard

    William Armsby/CNN

    Your Internet security relies on a few volunteers

    Last week's Heartbleed Internet bug revealed a startling fact. The software protecting banks, email, social media and government is maintained by only a few people. They're all volunteers. And only…

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SpaceX rocket blasts into orbit

SpaceX rocket launch 4-18

The Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket lifts off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., en route to the International Space Station.

How hackers protect themselves

Computer keyboard identity theft

Self-described "ethical hackers" give tips on protecting your information online.

Doctors unveil cancer-seeing goggles

Cancer goggles

Doctors at Washington University have a new tool to fight cancer -- cancer-seeing goggles.

Sky watchers catch glimpse of lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse view


In Los Angeles, thousands went to the Griffith Observatory to watch a lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning, which featured a rare "blood moon."

What does a ping sound like?

Ping box

Remember the days when we pretended to listen to the sea in a seashell?


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