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Top robots get a chance to shine

Security robot


The top names in tech showed off their latest gadgets at the Mountain View Technology Showcase in California.

What to know about Perseid meteor shower

meteor shower

Get out of the city and watch the meteor shower

On Camera: Robot 'Pepper' can read your emotions

Pepper 2

TV Asahi

Japanese telecom company Softbank has created a robot named ‘Pepper’ designed to recognize human emotions and show its own ‘feelings.’ Softbank envisions ‘Pepper’ as a companion for the elderly, a…

Various realities on display at conference

Augmented reality


From the latest smart glasses to a 360-degree camera you can fit in your pocket, virtual and augmented reality were on display at the Augmented World Expo inhabits in Santa Clara, California.

Rare Apple I computer found in trash

first Apple computer

An Apple I computer, believed to be worth $200,000, was found in the trash.


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