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  • Company says may or may not make high-tech toy


    Google files patent for creepy teddy bear

    Remember Teddy, the super-computer toy, from the film "Artificial Intelligence?" Well, Google might be making one. This week the company filed a patent for a toy that can control other…

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Train tech may have prevented crash

PTC explained


CNN'S Tom Foreman takes a look at a safety system known as Positive Train Control and explains how it works.

NASA tests electronic aircraft propeller

Rotor wing 1


NASA technicians took to the desert in Bakersfield, California to test a multi-rotor electronic flying wing to be used in a future commuter vehicle, experts said.

Texas + emojis = TexMojis

Willie Nelson TexMoji


Rocksauce Studios in East Austin, Texas, is developing a series of Texas-based computer emoticons, or emojis, so Texans can text with special pride.

Robot puts one foot in front of the other

Walking robot

KVAL, Oregon State University

Oregon State University researchers are taking big steps to revolutionize robotic disaster response.

NASA develops its own car of the future

NASA MRV splash


NASA unveiled its new fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles Wednesday. One vehicle, the Modular Robotic Vehicle, gives newer self-driving cars from Google, Audi, Mercedes and Nissan a run for their…


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