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Websites making big bucks for dog sitters

dog-sitting websites


Dog sitting sites are raising big bucks and creating new opportunities for U.S. workers, as CNN's Samuel Burke reports.

NASA to send submarine into space

Kraken Mare, NASA space submarine


NASA is sending a submarine into space. That may sound a bit odd, but there's a very good reason why.

NASA releases stunning images of the sun

NASA sun


NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)has been in operation for five years, taking pictures of the sun at a rate of about one a second and collecting 2,600 terabytes of data that is collected into a…

App helps blind people 'see'

Be My Eyes app


A free iPhone app connects blind people to sighted volunteers.

What rocket explosion means for private sector

Rocket explosion and private sector

Tuesday’s rocket explosion will have little effect on the private sector working with NASA to get Americans into space.


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