Suspect shot during drug operation in west El Paso

Shooting occurs during broad daylight

Suspect shot during drug operation in west El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - A drug operation gone wrong ended with one person in a hospital and others in custody.

One suspect was shot. An EMS dispatcher told ABC-7 the person was in serious condition. Diana Apodaca, a Drug Enforcement Administration spokeswoman for the El Paso area, said the person was in surgery the last time she was briefed.

The drug operation, and subsequent shooting, took place near the Kohl's store in west El Paso.

A lot of information isn't available. News of the incident broke shortly after noon. Apodaca was able to tell ABC-7 that one person was being taken into custody when he broke containment. At some point, the suspect was driving a vehicle toward the agents.

"Simply, he broke containment and, using his vehicle, attempted to flee, and the agents felt their lives were threatened," said Apodaca.

Apodaca added that no one was in the immediate area where the shooting took place.

Asked why a drug operation was taking place in the middle of the day, Apodaca responded that they always try to use a location that doesn't have heavy pedestrian traffic.

ABC-7 is continuing to follow this story. For up to the date information follow ABC-7s Matthew Smith on Twitter: @MattSmithABC7.

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