Election results for Sunland Park, Hatch, Anthony, and Mesilla

POSTED: 04:39 PM MST Feb 27, 2014    UPDATED: 07:23 PM MDT Jul 21, 2014 
EL PASO, Texas -

Election results for New Mexico municipalities in the Borderland.

Sunland Park City council races (all are for four-year terms)

District 1

District 2

District 3

Office of municipal judge (for four-year term)

Other New Mexico Races

Mayor – for four-year term
Lloyd R. Burns - 58 votes
Andrew “Andy” Nunez - 90 votes

Trustees – for four year term (voting for two)
Dave F. Sment - 56 votes
Kathie Marie Franzoy - 78 votes
Roberto E. Torres - 43 votes
Corey S. Watkins - 105 votes

Mesilla Mayoral Election
Incumbent Nora L. Barraza beat Jesus M. Caro Jr. by only three votes to win another four-year term.

Trustees- for four-year term (voting for two)
Christopher Alexander - 178 votes
Charles E. Bourger Jr.
Russell Hernandez - 220 votes
Linda L. Flores - 315 votes
Stephanie A. Johnson - 381 votes

Anthony, NM
Trustees- for four-year term (voting for two)

Diana Murillo - 22 votes
Betty Gonzalez - 21 votes