Sun City sees cooler temps and strong gusts

El Paso experiences chilly temps and strong gusts

EL PASO, Texas - Many weren't expecting the chilly temps and gusts around town Saturday.
Some who wore shorts and tank tops to enjoy the day only to end up needing a warm sweater.

People were at the parks out for a walk or sitting on their porch enjoying a drink this afternoon but the weather quickly changed.

The weather was so nice that more than 400 people showed up to enjoy the Wyler Tramway.
The state park is celebrating its 13th anniversary.

As visitors enjoyed the sights heading up, they were in for a surprise.
The temps dropped 10 degrees and the gusts kicked in.

"It was warm, the sun felt real good," said Eligh Vasquez.
He was in El Paso for spring break and was enjoying the weather until Saturday afternoon.
"Once I got out here the weather changed. I mean it was cold and windy and then I could feel a few sprinkles," said Vasquez.
Visitors at the summit quickly had to cover their ears some even cuddling up for warmth.

Others like Anthony Hamlin from Virginia got a little worried about the trip down.

"It's pretty awesome. It's getting pretty windy right now so I think everybody's excitement as far as the safety factor is going up," said Hamlin.
Park rangers eventually had to shut the tramway down.

On El Paso's Eastside
"it was raining," said Joavanne Enriquez.
He was enjoying the skate park but had to take cover from the precipitation.

But the area worst hit, was the Lower Valley around Ascarate Park.

Over 4,000 people lost electricity because of a problem at a substation.
The dark traffic lights brought cars to a crawl.

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