Sun Bowl ticket sales low, but expected to rise after Christmas

EL PASO, Texas - If you take a look at Ticketmaster, you may notice there are thousands of tickets available for the 83rd Annual Hyundai Sun Bowl less than a week out from the big game.

As of Friday, the Sun Bowl had sold around 35,000 tickets out of the available 50,426 seats.

But Bernie Olivas, Executive Director of the Sun Bowl Association, said he expects the ticket sales to rise in the final week.

"That's the way it's always happened, so I am not concerned about ticket sales at this point," Olivas said. Because we are steady, and slowly climbing and getting better getting better and getting better."

Many fans could point to the absence of Stanford star running back Christian Mccaffrey in the Sun Bowl as a reason to why ticket sales aren't as high as years past, but not everyone agrees.

"I think UTEP's season is a reason to blame," one fan said. "There's not a football mentality at this time right now, and it has definitely affected the sun bowl sales I think."

Whether the Sun Bowl will lure 35,000 fans or 50,000, it will be a great matchup between two schools looking to reach a bowl win before the end of 2016.

If you are interested in buying tickets to the game, click here.


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