Students show off skills at STEAM Fiesta

STEAM Fiesta

EL PASO, Texas - High school students from the borderland spent two days showing off their STEAM skills at this year’s Fiesta.

The STEAM Fiesta invited students from as far as Presidio to come and compete in tasks from business and coding challenges to designing habitats for Mars.

Many students said they were happy to be at the competition and are hoping the right kind of people can be attracted to the field without putting pressure on all students to join.

"I think it's good, especially for women, Hispanic women because I'm a Hispanic woman, and it's always good to have more women in STEM fields, but it's not for everyone," said Kayla Duarte, a finalist and senior at Valle Verde Early College High School.

"I agree with the promotion of it, but I don't think it should be pushed so harshly on students."

ABC-7 spoke with some sponsors, asking why companies see supporting STEAM education and events as important.

“You can’t have economic development without an educated workforce, and you can’t have an educated workforce without having education, and it’s education in things that are important, that are relevant, and technology is super important right now," said Barbara Walker, of Cisco Systems.

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