Stabbing victim remembered by his mother

Almost years ago,15-year-old Angel Cuevas was stabbed to death trying to protect his younger cousin. The suspects, Hugo Gonzalez and Brian Johnson were caught two weeks later and charged with murder. On Friday, Gonzalez was sentenced to 25 years in prison after reaching a plea agreement. Cuevas' mother was at that hearing. Iris Cuevas said Angel was at the movies when he heard a pair of young men where harassing younger kids, including his cousin. "These guys were taking cell phones and money from these kids and he found out what happened to his cousin and went out there to see what was going on," said Cuevas. Angel confronted the pair, a fight ensued and he was stabbed behind the Carmike movie theater in Northeast El Paso. Johnson and Gonzales were caught in Las Cruces by U.S. Marshalls. Friday afternoon, Cuevas sat in a courtroom to hear first hand how much time in jail Gonzales would spend for stabbing her son. "He took a plea bargain of 25 years," said Cuevas. That wasn't enough time for Cuevas. "I felt disappointed, hurt, it's not going to bring my son back," said Cuevas. Cuevas tells ABC-7 Gonzales took the time she will never have with her son again. "I'm not going to see my son grow up, I'm not going to see my son go to high school, college, get married, have his first girlfriend, first kid," said Cuevas.  Cuevas tells ABC-7 that Johnson who was alongside Gonzales during the stabbing, will will also go before a judge, but a date has not yet been set.  

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