Stabbing victim goes to work instead of hosptial; EPPD investigating

EL PASO, Texas - A bizarre stabbing investigation is underway in El Paso, after police say a man was stabbed in the chest but drove to work instead of seeking medical care in a hospital.

The incident happened just before 1 a.m. on Crawford Court, which is a dead end road just off Lafayette Drive.

Police say the man was stabbed somewhere in central El Paso, and called his girlfriend when he got to work.

Police say that when the girlfriend arrived, she ran to a nearby police filling station to get help. When the girlfriend and police arrived on the scene, the man was nowhere to be found. A few minutes later, officers say they found him hiding in a nearby yard. Police say the victim is not cooperating and they are still trying to figure out why he was stabbed and who stabbed him.

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