Springtime in the borderland brings allergies for many

Springtime in the borderland brings allergies for many

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - Spring is here and with it comes high winds and terrible allergies.

Trees in the borderland provide a major relief during the scorching summer months, but during the spring, all the pollen they release creates a huge problem for people with allergies.

"New Mexico is really windy as it is. It's kind of a nightmare when it gets windy," said Las Crucen Steven Ginn. "My eyes get swollen. My nose is swollen. I choke on my own coughs. It's horrible."

Chief Meteorologist "Doppler" Dave Speelman said the pollen count during this time of year is very high.

"March and April are the highest months for the mulberry and once we start heading into the months of May and June they start going down a bit," he said.

Family care doctor Fay Lafon said there are a few things you can do at home for some relief.

"Try to avoid it, number one. If you are victim, a lot of fluids, good hand washing, keep your face clean. Don't rub your eyes. Over the counter anti histamines do help," Lafon said.

ABC-7's Stormtrack Weather team said winds shouldn't be too bad this week, but you may want to keep your allergy meds nearby for some possible high winds next week. 

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