2. Place circular styrofoam board at bottom of bucket

3. Roll up rectangular styrofoam board into tube that fits inside bucket as liner

4. Use box cutter to cut three holes in styrofoam board, smaller than diameter of PVC pipes

5. Wedge PVC pipes into holes

6. Cut hole in bucket lid so that the fan can rest on top of lid and blow air downward

7. Close lid on bucket

8. Place frozen water jug inside bucket

9. Set fan on top of bucket

Venegas was impressed by the results.

"Heck yeah," he said. "Throws better air than those small, evaporative coolers that they sell at the hardware stores. ... It's a good deal. ... Probably uses less electricity."

The jug should stay frozen long enough to cool an area for about five hours.

"Five hours is enough, if you put two gallons in the freezer," Venegas said. "When it runs out, you put a new one."

The task force recommends checking in on your elderly friends regularly this time of year. Tell them to drink plenty of water -- and keep an eye out for symptoms like feeling lethargic or confused.

The group passed out more than 400 free fans last year to needy families and senior citizens. You can contact the El Paso Public Health Department, if you'd like to register for one.