Song released to commemorate ASARCO smokestacks demolition, remember Smeltertown

EL PASO, Texas - Gabe Gonzalez, local musician and co-owner of Tricky Falls and Bowie Feathers, has released a song to in recognition of the demolition of the ASARCO smokestacks and its former companion town, Smeltertown.

Gonzalez considers himself is a product of Smeltertown. Late on Friday, he released this song, "Dust to Dust" by his group, The Smeltertown Ghosts in memory of the Asarco Stack demolition. Watch a video of the song at

"Most of you know that I am a part time musician. I've only released one record on my own but have recorded several others and never released them. However, I am posting this song to coincide with the demolition of the ASARCO stacks," Gonzalez said in a statement. "I stand on both sides of the fence on this issue. My family is both from Smeltertown and Buena Vista. It brought life to those communities but with it also brought death; I understand this. To me, it is an end of an era. This is simply a tip of the hat as we walk away. So, if you have a get together for the demolitions have some drinks, tell some jokes, and jam this song. ¡Viva El Chuco!"

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