Some residents on El Paso's East side bothered by new flea market

Some residents on El Paso's East side bothered by new market

El Paso, Texas - The Vista Del Sol Flea Market on El Paso's East side has made a fun family experience but some neighbors think differently.

ABC-7 recieved some emails from residents living near the 5-week-old flea market and they complained about things such as traffic and noise issues.

The owner of the flea market says they're trying to be good neighbors and provide a family environment.

Louis Apodaca, a resident of El Paso's East side, tells ABC-7 he came out to enjoy the good weather at the Vista Del Sol flea market.

"Doing some shopping, see what the girls like and just walking around and enjoying the day," said Apodaca.

Apodaca calls it a nice spot for family time.

"It's a nice clean area to hang out in and enjoy time with the family," said Apodaca.

But neighbors living across the street aren't as happy.

Kerry Mildon tells ABC-7, traffic is a nightmare.

"It can take upwards of five to ten minutes to get out of our street now," said Mildon.

 She says she doesn't want to see the market shut down, just an alternative for traffic.

"Maybe a different entrance so they don't bring it into the residential area," said Mildon.

"There's no traffic congestion," said owner of the Vista Del Sol Flea Market, Carlos Murgia. He says they have a crew working on traffic control.

 "All they do when they get people coming is guide them to where parking spots are, guide the vendors to the parking spots to have something that's flowing perfectly," said Murgia.

"The issue for me is the noise," said Timothy Debrule.

He says he just wants to have a Sunday morning in peace in his own backyard.

"They have live music or D.J.'s out there and they blare their music, I'm sure the owners don't blare that in their neighborhood, why would they bring it to ours," said Debrule.

Murgia says they've worked on that too.

"We designed it in such a way that we were able to reduce the noise aspect," said Murgia.

Murgia says the music's directed away from the neighborhood, adding that they've surrounded the market with a double-sided cedar fence, meant to absorb the noise.

"Everything we try to do is to be good citizens within this particular community that we are in and to generate as little uncomfort for everybody around here," said Murgia.


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