Some Redbox Users are Violating Handicap Parking Laws

EL PASO, Texas - We got an interesting email from a viewer with disabilities, it definitely caught our attention.

It's about Redbox and its relation the vending machines' proximity to handicap parking spots.

At just about any Redbox location you can see people renting a movie or two, but a viewer who is disabled tipped us off to a growing trend.

He tells us he's noticed several Redbox locations near handicap parking spots. He's noticed especially on the weekends, people want to make that quick rental or drop-off and they end up parking in the handicap parking spot despite not being disabled.

John Eger was born with cerebral palsy and is legally blind. He tells ABC-7,"Unfortunately, the handicap parking spots are being abused by the public."

Eger is an advocate for people with disabilities and said non-disabled people parking in handicap spots happens more often.

He tells ABC-7, "Instead of worrying and being considerate of others, they are thinking of themselves. Whatever is first; whatever is best for their personal interest at that particular moment, not what space they may be blocking."

He's not the only one that feels this way.

Fernie Rodriguez was in a car that collided with a train almost 37 years ago.

"They're taking advantage of us," Rodriguez said.

He was in a wheel chair before he started walking again. He tells ABC-7, "They should do away with that; try to make it stricter for them not to park there."

We set out to see for ourselves and it didn't take more than five minutes to catch an offender. One woman took about half an hour to pick out movie and when the store found out about our story, the clerk came out and told the woman she had to move. He later told ABC-7 she just told him, "OK, I'll move right now."

Those who are disabled said it's all very unfortunate. Rodriguez wants to send this message, "People, don't park. Give us a chance. Don't park in our place. It's meant for us, not you."

We called and emailed Redbox to get their side on the whole thing and have not yet received a response.

Our emailer also told us that he's he has contacted some of the stores, and they've told them, them they don't decide where the Redbox machines actually go.

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