Some Anamarc students take exams, others wait for info

Anamarc update: finishing exams

EL PASO, Texas -      Many students caught up in the sudden closure of Anamarc College are still waiting for answers. But others are moving forward and completing their education.     

     Students in four Anamarc programs say there is still no concrete plan to help them finish their education. Today, some of those closest to completing their programs actually took final exams administered by the college's owners.

     They were the closest to finishing their program entirely and may now be able to take the state certification exam.

     ABC 7 did speak with some of the students, who didn't want to appear on camera. They said that they're concerned for the remaining students and they're hopeful everything will work out as they've been told that they'll be able to take their certification exams.

     Remaining students who need additional classes to complete their programs have told ABC 7 they've received emails from Anamarc listing two options. They can either find a similar program at a nearby college on their own, and Anamarc will send transcripts.

     Otherwise, students can apply for a loan discharge for their federal loans, which would mean that they no longer have to repay those loans. What's not clear is what will happen to any out-of-pocket money they may have paid.

     Special agent Mike Martinez with the FBI also told ABC 7 that the agency is gathering information about Anamarc, though he wouldn't say whether that means there is or is not an official investigation underway.

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