Soldiers and Marines participate in NIE training at WSMR

White Sands Missle Range

Training at white sands missile range gave soldiers a chance to try out some new equipment, the training took place last week. Fort Bliss soldiers and U.S. Marines were divided into two teams to test the new technology.
Those two teams consisted of the blue force-who were a team of U.S. marines, and in this case they were the good guys. Then there was the Op-for - the opposition force -who are the red team.
This team consisted of Fort Bliss soldiers they were the bad guys. NIE training - that's network integration evaluation - is used to test new equipment, weapons and technology.
Once the equipment is field tested and ready to go, it is sent to deployed armed forces who use it in the field. A spokes person with White Sand Missile Range says the process for soldiers to get new equipment can take years nie training allows soldiers to receive equipment faster.

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