Socorro starts annexation process

EL PASO, Texas - Socorro council members approved an ordinance to start the annexation process Thursday. Council members met with the county attorneys yesterday who told them they wanted Socorro to stop the annexation. Socorro thought moved forward in a 3 to 1 vote with Rep. Maria Reyes voting against the action.

The new annexation plan will take out certain parcels including the landfill and buffer zone and part of parcel one which is in the town of Clint. The city did not have time to ensure the area did not conflict with Clint's extra terrestrial jurisdiction. But they are still annexing San Elizario and area near Mission Valley which is county land.

The county will discuss Socorro's decision on Monday and how they plan on moving forward with their lawsuit.

The council also voted to hire federal law enforcement to investigate the distribution of that tape recording of Rep. Jesse Gandara allegedly trying to make a deal with the owner of the Licon Dairy in San Elizario.
Socorro believes developers in the San Elizario area have conspired with public officials to halt the annexation plans for their financial benefit.


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