Socorro man attacked by a pack of dogs

Man attacked by dogs

El Paso, Texas - It was a the horrifying attack neighbors say they were fearing.

It happened Friday afternoon on the 200 block of Flor Bonita.

When ABC-7 crews got there, it was apparent something tragic had happened.

The amount blood on the street told the story of how a man in his 40s was mauled by five pit bulls.

The spokesperson for the City of Socorro tells ABC-7 when Socorro police officers arrived on the scene, they found a man who had been attacked by a pack of dogs that escaped from their home. The man's face is disfigured with lacerations, said spokesman Dave Garcia.

The man was transported in serious condition to a local hospital.

The five dogs were located and taken into custody by animal services.

Socorro officials say the dogs belonged to a Maria Stevenson, who will be cited for failure to control her animals.

Socorro officials also tell ABC-7 they've been working on an animal ordinance.

"We've been a farm community for so long and people are used to having dogs in the farm community, so again it's going to be tough to pass something and to finish something that will work on large lots as well as small lots, people who have dogs, want to raise dogs, so it's been quite an effort to get this done and it's a situation like this that everyone's trying to prevent," said Garcia.

ABC-7 also spoke to a neighbor who says  the dogs are constantly getting out, they often fear for their kids and they think it's a shame that it had to come to something like this for the dogs to be removed.

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