Socorro annexation plan makes county residents nervous

The City of Socorro has laid out its plans to annex seven parcels of land.

EL PASO, Texas -
The City of Socorro has laid out its plans to annex seven parcels of land.

The only problem is the land they intend to take over is in and around San Elizario, Clint and Horizon City.

The public hearing Tuesday is where residents from all these areas shared their feelings about Socorro's annexation plan. Residents said they were taken by surprise.

But state law gives the City of Socorro the legal authority to annex surrounding areas each year, and Socorro says this will affect less than a hundred people.

Still residents said it may do more harm than good.
Maya Sanchez is a business owner and resident of San Elizario. After reviewing Socorro's annexation plan, she discovered the most vital part of San Elizario, between Socorro Road and Glorietta, would be taken over.

Her concern is one of many. At the first of two public hearings, county residents complained they'd be forced to pay new taxes, an issue they've shared with mission valley and far east County Commissioner Vince Perez.

The reasons to annex seven new parcels of land are beneficial to everyone involved according to Socorro City Spokesman Dave Garcia who said people living on county land have less regulations and control over their neighborhood, planning services Socorro would be able to provide to smaller areas.

Horizon City Mayor Walter Miller doesn't see any good in the plan, especially with Parcel 6 butted right up against Horizon City, blocking the front land to the freeway.

State law gives the bigger city the authority to expand 10 percent annually and Socorro hasn't done it in three years.

Surrounding residents would have to file suit and take their case to district court and with new freeways, growing populations and bustling economic areas at stake, it's an option some are willing to take.

Another concern residents have is that Socorro already has a lot of its own problems and people don't want to bring those issues into their area.

Garcia said Socorro is growing, and with growth comes new challenges, all of which they're trying to overcome.

The next hearing on this will be Thursday at 5:30. At that time, Socorro representatives are expected to respond to the people's concerns.


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