Social media reaction's been negative to El Paso Chihuahuas name; petition started to change name

EL PASO, Texas - If Twitter is to be believed, people aren't happy about the El Paso Chihuahuas name.

Here are just a few of the tweets with #ElPasoChihuahuas that liked or disliked the name.

Diddy Solis - Watch the chihuahuas go undefeated and all y'all will be rockin these around town lol #ElPasoChihuahuas

Joe Herrera - #ElPasoChihuahuas is still a better mascot than the #NewOrleansPelicans. Just Sayin'...

Dr. P - My 7-year-old is very excited about the new baseball team #ElPasoChihuahuas

Becca - I honestly think the whole Chihuahua thing cute x) I like it x) #ElPasoChihuahuas

C- Licenses plates from Juarez get $2 off of parking. #ElPasoChihuahuas

Mike Awesome ?tweeted - Are you kidding me #ElPasoChihuahuas What a crappy name!! Way da go on stereotyping El Paso with Mexico once again #EpicFail

Silver IsReal tweeted - Might as well call us the Poodles or the Hummingbirds. Let's start a recall page! #ELPASOChihuahuas!?

There isn't a recall page but there is a petition to change the name at started by El Pasoan Alex Morales.

"Baseball was once, and to me still is, considered America's pastime. Unfortunately not many people in El Paso, Texas feel the same way," the petition states. "In a predominantly hispanic area, more people show interest in sports such as soccer and football. Mountain Star Sports Group had an opportunity to change that when they revealed that they would be bringing the San Diego Padres triple A affiliate to El Paso effective the 2014 season. While I, as well as thousands of fellow El Pasoans, are grateful and excited for the great opportunity that Mountain Star Sports Group has graced upon our city, we feel that the team name they decided upon, "The Chihuahuas" strongly misrepresents our great city of El Paso. El Pasoans have shown numerous reasons as to why we oppose this name, ranging from "non-intimidating" and "stereotypically offensive" to downright "ugly". We as (tax-paying) citizens of El Paso request that Mountain Star Sports Group, LLC not only strongly reconsider the name of our city's baseball team, but allow our taxpayers to vote on the final name, not just simply "recommend" ideas for the name."

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