Small businesses, some home-based, cash in on Valentine's Day

EL PASO, Texas - Valentine's Day and Craigslist don't sound like a match made in heaven.

This holiday season, the website was packed with small Valentine-themed businesses.

From desserts to balloons and baskets, groups of people offered their homemade gifts up for cheap prices on the website.

The New Revelation Christian Center doubled as a chocolate shop Thursday.

Three years ago the church began making, packaging, and even delivering the treats.

They decorate the strawberries with different designs, even drawing wedding gowns and tuxedos on the fruits.

When they began selling the treats, they sold around 100 dozen, General Board Secretary Erica Ramirez said.

Last year, the number rose to 150 and they year to 200. Ramirez said by the end of Valentine's Day they expect to sell close to 240 dozen.

The church sells their arrangements for $10 a dozen, and delivers free to people who order 3 dozen or more. 

According to Ramirez, the idea came from their Pastor and has been very successful.

This year, they hope to use the funds to send church-goers to Houston for a convention. Any left-over funds will be used for church renovations. 

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