SISD rolls out corrective action plan

An internal audit at Socorro Independent School District revealed the questionable "EIE Regulation."


EL PASO, Texas - Earlier this month an internal audit at Socorro Independent School District revealed the questionable "EIE Regulation."

It allowed the district to push Mexican transfer students past the tenth grade and as a result, the state accountability measuring stick, the STARR test.

Four administrators were put on leave for helping create the regulation.

Since then the district has put together a corrective action plan to ensure equal opportunity for all its students, and ensure all its students take federal and state accountability tests.

Former Canutillo Superintendent Dr. Pam Padilla conducted the internal audit. She gave the district some recommendations, and they board is following them.

Their first goal: Identify the students found to have anomalies in their transcripts and follow up appropriately.

Goal two: Review and revise local policies, regulations and other appropriate documents to ensure alignment with legal policies and best practices regarding student placement, transcript reviews, and graduation requirements.

Goal three: Ensure practices, procedures reflect current policies and regulations to improve the system, maintain consistency and provide equal opportunity for all students.

Goal four: inform and educate students, parents, staff and the community at-large of pertinent policies, regulations, and practices to improve understanding and expectations and ensure accountability for all.

The corrective action plan is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

The board is also moving forward with their external investigation.
They are bringing in Houston based law firm Thompson and Horton that specializes in school law. Board President Cynthia Ann Najera said she does not expect the investigation to exceed $65,000 in cost.  

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