Shundo Ballroom Last Dance

Ballroom moving for a larger space, more parking

EL PASO, TX - The beautiful ballroom floor at 2719 N. Stanton has been the home to millions of dance steps over the last 28 years that Shundo Ballroom Dance Studio has occupied that address.

Shundo Ballroom Dance Studio is relocating to a bigger space with more dance space and lots more parking!!!!!

But Friday night, February 28th, 2014 will be historic as the Last Dance of all time will be danced on that ballroom floor. After the doors shut Friday night, the strains of Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot will die away forever and the rhythms of Cha Cha, Salsa and Swing will fade away from 2719 North Stanton.

We welcome all El Pasoans that have ever enjoyed a dance across the Stanton dance floor to join us for this farewell party. It will be a night of reflection and appreciation for all the studio has meant for so many over the years.

Shundo Ballroom Dance Studio was founded in 1985 and moved to the Stanton location in 1986. Owner, Mando Rodriguez has taught there ever since. Rodriguez has been the recipient of dozens of accolades over the years from the Ballroom Dance Community. Top Teacher awards, Top Students and Top Studio Awards have been won in a steady stream. Rodriguez was inducted into the El Paso Dance Hall of Fame and the Ysleta Dance Hall of Fame (2007). Students have gone on from Shundo to have professional dance careers all over the country. Mayo Alanen grew up in the studio
and went on to dance in the prestigious BYU dance program, danced a season on Dancing with the Stars and now lives in New York as a professional dancer, traveling all over the world to compete and judge.

From pros to novices, wedding dances to date night from competitions to shows from first steps to quicksteps, thousands of people have learned to dance. Thousands of calories have been burned, laughter, tears and exclamations of accomplishment have echoed through the ballroom and new romances have been sparked.

Ballroom dancing is not only fun, but it is a healthy activity physically, mentally and socially. Ballroom dancing is done by the young and not so young. It is ageless, timeless and does not discriminate against age, race, religion or political affiliation. It is a skill that once mastered will serve you well for a lifetime.
Mando and the staff of Shundo Ballroom Dance Studio are thrilled and excited about the new location, knowing they will continue to serve the El Paso community, but nostalgia is filling their souls on this final week at this location. So much history has happened over the last 28 years that it will be sad to say goodbye to the walls that have witnessed the transformation of so many.

So come out and join us for this final dance – we'll Save the Last Dance for you.

More Details:

WHAT: The Last Dance Farewell Party

WHERE: Shundo Ballroom Dance Studio 2719 North Stanton (915) 532-2043

WHEN: 7:00pm Friday, February 28th, 2014

COST: No Admission Charged

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