School registration underway

School registration underway

EL PASO, Texas - With all El Paso Indendent School District schools  starting August 25, class registration is in full swing.

While students can now register online, students new to the district or students that owe the school fees must register in person.,

ABC-7 contacted the Fire Department and asked if there was a safety issue due to long lines in one Coronado High School hallway as seen in a photo.

The Fire Department and a code compliance inspector looked into the situation and did not deem it a safety hazard but did offer a solution to the assistant principal that they split the hallway in half so everyone on campus can clearly see an entrance and an exit.

Some said the process was easy, while others had to wait hours in the lines.

"I had a really pleasant experience," One parent said. " I got here a little bit late so there wasn't as much of a crowd as there was this morning, and it took me about an hour.

"So i waited about two hours to do it, so it's really frustrating," One student said.

To register online, just click here.

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