Scenic drive gets holiday touch

El Paso, TX -  Central de Salud familiar La Fe hosted a tradition that brings a holiday touch to El Paso's Scenic drive.

Every year, staff members and community volunteers work together to make the stretch special, and it also helps local families in need.

Scenic drive has always looked beautiful at night, but the added touch of luminarias makes it that much better.

"We started lining up the candles," said Rosa Silva, Administrative assistant. 

"We are based on community service, so every time we have a chance to help the community, we do the best that we can," said Silva.

La Fe workers and community volunteers lit up 4,000 luminarias, which they say symbolize a shinning beacon of hope for peace and social justice.

They also had a living nativity scene, complete with the Virgin Mary, the three wise men and, of course, the baby Jesus.

"It's an event that's totally about giving; about sharing what you have with some one that doesn't have as much," said Estela Reyes, spokesperson for La Fe.

She tells ABC-7 that the donations brought to the luminaria navidad help out families in need.

"You've got one in ten families in across America that every night face hunger, but here on the border, it's more like 1 in 5," said Reyes.

Volunteers that helped put the event together, got to sit fireside and enjoy each others company. Some of the children even got a little something for their sweet tooth. 

Araiana Rodarte tells ABC-7 that's what it's all about. "It makes you appreciate it more, not only to be with your family but also to give back to the community," said Rodarte.



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