Save City Hall initiative petition going to voters

EL PASO, Texas - City of El Paso Municipal Clerk Richarda Momsen told ABC-7 that she certified the petitions Thursday afternoon for the Save City Hall Initiative Petition.

Momsen verified 1,635 signatures of registered voters on the petition - more than the 1,548 that needed to be verified.

The voters ask that this question be put on the ballot: "shall the City of El Paso repeal (its) decision to demolish city hall?"

The next step in the initiative portion of the City Charter is to put it on the ballot to be decided by voters, said Momsen.

Petitioners have the right, under the charter, to take it to voters in the next general election, which is in May.

The Council is not obliged to consider the same ordinance initiated by petition, or one that is substantially the same, more often than once in two years.

The petition is scheduled to be discussed on City Council's Dec. 4 agenda.

Timeline of Save City Hall Initiative Petition:
Petitioners submitted a first set of signatures. They were verified.
The issue was placed before council. Council rejected the issue.
Petitioners submitted a second set of signatures. They were verified Thursday, Nov. 29.
Now, city charter says the city clerk "must place the reproposed ordinance on the ballot at the next general election." The next general election is scheduled for May.
If a majority of people approve it in the election, it shall become a city ordinance.

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