Santa Teresa Country Club up for auction again

The club goes up for auction on Monday to pay a $672,000 tax bill.

Santa Teresa Country Club

EL PASO, Texas - For the second time in a year the Santa Teresa Country Club is up for sale to pay back taxes.

"The golf course looks dry as the rest of the desert," said Mike Alavarez, a registered nurse and Santa Teresa resident

Alvarez said Santa Teresa Country Club was supposed to help his property values when he bought here five years ago.

"There's no maintenance here," Alvarez said.

The club goes up for auction on Monday to pay a $672,000 tax bill. Homeowners say a buyer tomorrow would help.

"What I think they should do with it is maybe invest some money into it," Alvarez said. "Like I said I've paid my dues, and I've been paying them, I've never stopped even though the services weren't rendered." 

Just beyond the open sign out front, a quick look around reveals an empty pool, tennis courts that are the antithesis of Wimbledon. Two regulation golf courses, yucca and "the Spanish dagger," that are both shut down. 

"I really think they should clean it up a little it looks horrible here," Alvarez said.

Everyone ABC-7 crews spoke with said they wish the course would be sold, renovated, upgraded--anything, but left to fall apart and drag down property values. 

The sale starts Monday at Dona Ana government center at 10 A.M. 

If you're interested, the country treasurer's office says you'll need a minimum bid for the larger golf course of at least $235,900.

For the smaller course, be prepared to start your bidding at $114,200.

ABC-7 called the club's owner Greg Collins, but were unable to reach him.

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