San Diego Chicken performs at Southwest University Park

San Diego Chicken visits Southwest University Park

EL PASO, Texas - Chico, the El Paso Chihuahuas mascot, was in good company Sunday night when a 40-year-old mascot made his debut at Southwest University Park.

The Famous San Diego Chicken had baseball fans clucking all night long. It made the game more unique than usual, with double the mascot fun. He even signed autographs after putting on a delightful show during the game.

"The thing I really enjoy most of all is the laughter of the fans. I try to be a comic and a comedian but when they're laughing like that, that's the biggest joy that I get," 60-year-old Ted Giannoulas said.

The man inside the Famous San Diego Chicken has been doing it for 40 years. Although he's new to Southwest University Park, he's not new to El Paso.

"I've been to all three pro ball parks here in El Paso."

The Chicken has traveled to all 50 states and eight countries. So, what do Chihuahuas fans think about him?

"He's really silly," Isabella Medina said. "He's funny."

He seems to be a hit with those young and old, too. Turns out the chicken crossed many miles of road to meet a dog, and the two got along just swell.

"There's so many chicken words in baseball. Like the foul ball or the scratch hit, or my favorite, the balk," Giannoulas said.

The Chicken made his first appearance in El Paso in 1978. He's been here every decade since. He said he was excited to perform in front of a sold out crowd, and called Southwest University Park a jewel.

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