Sample ballot for today's Dona Ana Soil and Water Conservation District Tax Election

Sample Ballot for April 8, 2014 Dona Ana soil and Water Conservation District Tax Election

Dona Ana Soil and Water Conservation District Tax Question

Shall the Dona Ana Soiland Water Conservation District of Dona Ana County, State of new Mexico be authorized to impose a property tax of 9.2 cents per $1,000 of net taxable value of the property allocated to the District under the Property Tax Code for the property tax years 2014 to 2023 for the purpose of funding for increasing public safety through dam maintenance, dam rehabilitation, watershed management; reducing the risk of dam breaching; providing innovative programs for rain-water harvesting, water conservation, weed management, noxious weed removal, erosion control structures, brush control, open space, water desalinization; provide funds for hiring employees to administer and fund programs addressing the statutory duties of the District; develop partnerships with other Federal Agencies, inner-state Streams Commission, Army Corps of Engineers; provide for cost-sharing for water quality initiatives, soil testing, wind breaks, rangeland improvements; increase local technical conservation knowledge base; provide training and workshops and promote the health, safety, and general welfare for the people of Dona Ana County?





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