Rotting dog carcass in yard concerns neighbors

Rotting carcass in yard concerns neighbors

EL PASO, Texas - Neighbors say one dog is dead and two others haven't eaten for days.

"These dogs, they've been back here by themselves probably for about 2 and a half weeks" said a man only identified as "Tim," long time next door neighbor to the home where the abandoned dogs were found.

Tim says he made a frightening discovery when he peeked over his neighbors fence. He saw the dead dog, mangled and stiff. He tells us the foul smell of a rotting carcass was overpowering. "I looked back here it was Thursday, I didn't see him back here so at least a few days at least since Thursday," said Tim referring to when he suspected the dog had died.

When the smell got to be too much, he called animal services. ABC-7 crews arrived at the scene to find police and two animal service trucks. The workers inspected the area and found the dead animal.

Sunday afternoon, they finally took the dead dog away. ABC-7 attempted to see if anyone was home later in the day, but nobody answered the door. ABC-7 did find a warning from the Animal Services Division telling the owners of the property to contact them as soon as possible. As for the surviving dogs, "I put some water out for them, I see that their drinking water now but as far as food I haven't seen any food, I haven't seen any food at all," said Tim.

Neighbors say they've now  been throwing food over the fence to keep the dogs alive. A spokesman with Environmental Services tells us the city didn't remove the surviving dogs because they didn't appear to be abandoned. He said because the dogs had food, water and shelter, they weren't technically abandoned.

The property owners are not the owners of the dogs, it's a rental property but the city is trying to reach the property owners so they can get in touch with the owner of the dogs.

City officials say the case isn't closed yet. They say they'll continue to check on the dogs until they can make contact with the owner.

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