Residents near Asarco have option to evacuate on demolition day

Asarco Demolition

EL PASO, Texas -      Some El Pasoans will have a front row seat for the demolition of the Asarco smokestacks.

     If they so choose, residents of the La Calavera neighborhood -- or Skull Canyon -- located within less than a mile of the stacks, will be allowed to watch from their homes on April 13.

     The neighborhood is located on San Marcos Road, just off of Executive Center Boulevard, tucked in an arroyo near the Asarco site.

     ABC-7 went to the La Calavera neighborhood, the closest residential area to the former smelter, to speak with residents about demolition day. Some were concerned with the stacks coming down, telling ABC-7 they hadn't had direction yet from those in charge of the demolition.

     But Asarco trustee Roberto Puga said he plans to walk door-to-door in the neighborhood in the next two weeks to offer residents the opportunity to stay in a nearby hotel at no cost on demolition weekend. Puga said it is optional and not mandatory with the biggest concern being closed roads rather than dust or vibration.

     La Calavera resident John Galvan, 29, said he has lived in the neighborhood since birth. He said he is not concerned about the demolition and prefers to stay home to have a front row seat for the demolition.

     "I'll probably sit on my roof with my lawn chairs," he said, "and sell tickets to whoever wants to come down here."

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