El Paso, TX -

The Rescue Mission has completed its move to its new location near Downtown following nine months of construction.

It had to move out of its old location on Paisano to make way for the Texas Department of Transportation's GO 10 highway project.

The new location is just past Cotton Street at the intersection of Magoffin and Lee. Monday, Sun Metro provided a bus to help transport everyone to the new location.

"We though we'd be loading people up in our cars and our vans and carrying people over two or three at a time", said Rescue Mission CEO Blake Barrow.

The new location is bigger than the previous one, with about 150 beds, about 30 more than the old location. Popular Mattress donated several Tempur Pedic beds.

"This is just magnificent with what we've been able to do here," Barrow added.

The old facility was previously an industrial plant. The new facility was built specifically for Rescue Mission and was funded through donations and with the money TxDOT paid to have them vacate the old facility.

The new building contains a Chapel, dorm rooms for homeless residents, an area specifically for those in the drug rehabilitation program, a wing for those with disabilities, and separate quarters for men and women.

The new location is also a lot more accessible than the previous location, especially for those traveling on foot.

The new facility is located in the industrial area just east of downtown.