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Special Report promo: How to make AC out of paint bucket

EL PASO, Texas - Today at 10 p.m.: Can you build a $15 air conditioner with a paint bucket? ABC-7's Collin Carroll shows you how

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EL Paso County Looks To Reduce Highest Jail Costs In The State

As County taxpayers are paying the most per capita in the State for the El Paso County jail system, Commissioners are exploring how to reduce costs.

Special Report: Which schools spend the most and the least per student in EPISD?

The El Paso Independent School District's 2014-2015 budget will be finalized and approved in June. We've covered the district's looming $17 million budget deficit.

The backlash against Common Core education standards - Forty-six states and Washington D.C. initially adopted Common Core state standards in their public schools. But that number is down to 44, and many more states are attempting to delay or reverse it.

Police Patrols  - ABC-7 reported how the city and county lines in far east El Paso aren't as clean-cut as they once were, adding land and population to the city. For the police department -- the increased population all falls into the Pebble Hills region.

Blurred jurisdiction lines - The city of El Paso is growing and changing month by month. Many of those changes have come from annexations on the far east side. And they're also creating some blurred lines for law enforcement.

What's the real cost of the Downtown ballpark?

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