Prosecution shows sobriety field tests video in Billy Abraham intoxication manslaughter trial

EL PASO, Texas - Downtown property owner Billy Abraham had a blood alcohol level of .20 the night he struck and killed a homeless pedestrian in Downtown El Paso according to testimony Tuesday in his intoxicated manslaughter trial.

Abraham hit 47-year old Jay Grady near the intersection of Paisano and El Paso Street back in 2010.

According to testimony, Abraham continued to drive, and was ultimately stopped by Border Patrol agents who boxed him in.

The prosecution showed video of Abraham taking field sobriety tests.

Abraham asked a lot of questions while riding in the backseat of the patrol car.

Here's some of what he said, according to police:

  • "Hey bud, can I ask you a question, can you stand on one foot?"
  • "Before you drive me off please, please don't drive off with out my phone and my glasses."
  • "So I guess my phone and my glasses are (f--ked), huh? How about my license?"
  • "I wanna see you stand on your foot for 30 seconds."

The trial will resume Wednesday.

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