EL PASO, Texas -

Update: The sentencing phase continues Wednesday morning for convicted rapist, Arturo Valtierra, who faces up to 99 years in prison.

An El Paso jury found Valtierra guilty of five charges in connection with an attack on a Manhattan Heights woman in Central El Paso in late June 2013.

He was found guilty of three aggravated sexual assault charges, one burglary charge, and one aggravated robbery charge in this one case.

Valtierra is accused by police of raping two other women on separate occasions in May and June 2013.

Previous story: Day two of the trial of Arturo Valtierra-Payan started Tuesday morning with emotional testimony from the woman he allegedly raped in late June 2013.

“I just started punching, kicking and scratching and he kept telling me to calm down ... 'calmate,’” the victim said on the stand. "I pulled down his bandana and that's when he really got pissed off and told me he was going to kill me. He had all his body weight and arm on my throat. I just remember trying to crawl away."

Valtierra-Payan, also known as Arturo Valtierra, is on trial for aggravated sexual assault, robbery and burglary that happened in late June 2013.

Aggravated sexual assault is rape in Texas.

The victim cried during her testimony and identified Valtierra as the man who sexually assaulted her.

The defense asked her a couple of questions and then the prosecution rested its case.

Defense attorney Patrick Lara then called Paul Goldstein, a genetics-DNA-criminal justice professor at UTEP, to the stand.

Goldstein was argumentative with the prosecutor during his cross examination, saying there were errors in the Texas Department of Public Safety DNA test, including contamination.

Prosecutor Penny Hamilton pointed out that he’s paid thousands of taxpayer dollars for each of his testimonies, and only testifies for the defense in cases.

"Poor technique, piece of DNA not related to either (victim) or Valtierra. In my opinion, this is unacceptable,” Goldstein said.

After Goldstein’s testimony, the defense rested its case.

Prosecutors say Valtierra is responsible for the rapes of three women Central El Paso neighborhood from May through June last year.

Valtierra is being tried separately for each case.

He also is accused of beating up and robbing a couple in the Manhattan Heights area.

Authorities used DNA to link Valtierra, to a sexual assault case in Fort Worth.

Police said last year that there are no other open cases in El Paso against Valtierra at this time.

Day 1 of trial

Prosecutors began their opening statements by describing how Valtierra broke into a house located in Central El Paso's Manhattan Heights neighborhood last year and attacked and raped the female resident.

Prosecutors read statements from the victim where she described how she found her kitchen window open and then saw the suspect duck down.

She tried to scare him away by kicking the door but he kicked it open and began punching her, then allegedly raped her, according to the statement.

The victim went on to describe in the statement that after the alleged assault he instructed her to give him her jewelry, stating he would cut her ring finger off if she didn't.

She then went on to describe how she stood by the kitchen sink and used soap to take her rings off.

Once the suspect got them he went out the back door.