Power outage blamed on broken emergency brake

EL PASO, Texas - Power was disabled for several homes in El Paso's westside Tuesday night after a car crashed on top of an electrical box.

This incident happened around 11:30 p.m. on the 7300 block of Corona del Sol, which is near Helen of Troy. According to police, a woman was leaving a party with her two children when the emergency brake broke on the car she was driving and started to roll down hill.

The car ended up in the front yard of a home on top of an electrical box. Investigators say the woman was only halfway in the car when it started rolling, and fell out halfway down the hill. We are told she only suffered minor scrapes and bruises and refused to be taken to a hospital.

As for the two children, they were in the car at the time it was rolling. However, emergency responders say they were not injured.

A crane had to be called in to remove the car from the electrical box.

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