Cowboys and Cardinals lock arms during anthem

Players, owner of Dallas team knelt beforehand

CNN - The Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals on Monday night locked arms with teammates in response to President Donald Trump's comments about NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem.

Members of the Cowboys and Cardinals stood in separate locations for the anthem. The teams had talked about a collective display of unity but did not do so, said ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters. No member of either team was shown in the televised broadcast kneeling or sitting.

Before the anthem, the Cowboys, including owner Jerry Jones, knelt in the middle of the field. Boos could be heard from the crowd in Glendale, Arizona.

The players' demonstration was intended as a statement for equality and a representation of unity, but they wanted to separate that message from the National Anthem, according to Salters, who spoke with Jones' daughter, Charlotte Jones Anderson, the Cowboys' executive vice president.

As the Cardinals players, coaches and owners gathered in the end zone, arms locked, to honor the flag and members of the armed forces, public address announcer Jim Barnett invited the crowd to "unite as well and do the same with your fellow fans, regardless of jersey color."

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