Senators Cornyn and Cruz don't mention El Paso in letter to Amazon

Senators urge CEO Jeff Bezos to build 2nd HQ in TX

EL PASO, Texas - The Republican US senators for Texas are asking tech giant Amazon to open its second headquarters in the Lone Star State, however, Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz did not mention the city of El Paso has already been vying for it.

The letter was addressed to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and was sent on Wednesday. It reads, in part, "Three of the top-five fastest growing cities are in Texas: Houston, Austin and San Antonio, and each are becoming well known as global hubs for technology, data-driven business, and talent. More than 350 people move to Texas each day and Forbes recently named Texas the best state in the country for talent attraction."

A Cornyn spokeswoman emailed ABC-7 the following statement: "Sen. Cornyn is advocating for all Texas cities pursuing the new facility, including El Paso."

"Our region won't take a backseat to anyone. El Paso should set its sights on big, ambitious projects that are reflective of the talented, ambitious people in our community. We are a competitive, smart choice for Amazon," El Paso Mayor Dee Margo said.

ABC-7 reported on Oct. 2 that the president of UTEP announced plans to offer Amazon a location for its headquarters, and that the city of El Paso and the Borderplex Alliance announced in September that they are teaming up to launch a campaign to promote the borderland's assets.

Amazon's list of requirements for the home of its second headquarters includes access to at least 100 acres of land for a 500 square-foot building that could expand to eight million square feet by 2027.

At its second location, Amazon officials said the company would spend at least $5 billion to employ as many as 50,000 employees earning six-figure compensation. Jobs would include managers, engineers, and accountants.

It is unclear when Amazon officials will announce the selection.

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