Chihuahua Governor: Mexico needs to unite, not be afraid of Trump

Mexico after Trump

CD. JUAREZ, Mexico - After months of being blasted my now-President Donald Trump, life on the Mexican border is carrying on, but people still have the new American leader in mind.

“I hope Trump changes his view on Mexicans, because we’re honest and hardworking people,” said Virginia Blanco,  a Mexican citizen who gained her American residency just before Trump was sworn in as president.

Chihuahua governor Javier Corral spoke in Cd. Juarez Friday morning, just after Donald Trump was sworn in as the new president of the United States.

Corral met Monday with other border state governors to form an alliance against what he called Trump's eventual attacks against Mexico.

He asked the Mexican federal government to help border states by setting up a fund meant to help pay for repatriated immigrants and their settlement back in the country and to strengthen ties with American businesses.

Corral said Trump's administration would lead to higher unemployment in Mexico, and said he believes the country can only go through by working together, He outlined a nine step plan to make sure the Mexican border won't be hurt by the incoming president.

Corral also said Mexico needs to unite and not be afraid of Trump. He said the state of Chihuahua is already working on building economic relationships outside the US, including French and German aerospace companies.

During the news conference, Corral also said the Center for Migrant Care will be moved from Chihuahua City to Juarez to help repatriate Mexican nationals kicked out of the U.S.

“The US has an open mind and isn’t exactly representative of Trump’s words,” Blanco said,

Not everyone is as optimistic, oe automobile factory worker told ABC-7 he fears losing his job to an American robot with all of Trump’s talk against NAFTA, something the state government is already preparing for.

“Given the president’s threats we need to reinforce friendships and relations to protect both sides’ interests,” Corral said,

It’s also time for Mexico to expand its economic influence, something Corral said is underway

“We’re building a investor stimulus package to keep industries in the state and attract others, like French and German aerospace companies who have already signed on,” Corral explained,

While the future for imported and exported goods in both countries is up in the air, it doesn’t seem like the new presidency is stopping anyone from crossing from one country to another.

Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto tweeted earlier he would establish respectful dialogue with Trump to benefit Mexico, saying sovereignty, national interest, and the protection of Mexican citizens would guide relations with the US.

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